Collection: Gravel Bike Tours

Our Gravel Bike Tours are adventures akin to our conventional guided sojourns, offer a balance of Explorer and Luxury accommodations with an indulgence in the regional gastronomic finest.

Eager to wander beyond the tarmac?

The charm of gravel biking lies in treading into rural and isolated expanses where tranquility and scenery come as a package. At times, the routes may meander through charming hamlets or go off-grid, with services and amenities concentrated towards the start and finish of the ride.

Lunch could be at a local café, a simple roadside picnic during the ride, or a late luncheon back in the civilization post-ride.

Do you ride gravel roads or single tracks?

If you're a novice, we encourage a test ride of a gravel bike on gravel roads just to feel the vibe. If gravel roads are a far cry, mountain biking is a close alternative.

At ease on irregular terrain?

We equip you with a gravel bike that can tackle a variety of conditions, complemented by broad, tubeless tires with a solid grip. If you have maneuvering skills and some background of gravel or singletrack riding, you should sail through Beginner and Intermediate trips effortlessly. As one might anticipate, Advanced trips call for a higher skill set and more experience.

Not a race, but an adventure

Be aware that gravel riding lags road riding by three to four miles per hour, implying more time and energy to traverse the same distance.

But if your primary concern is not your average speed, but the overall experience that the journey offers, gravel bike tours could be perfect for you!

Looking for something Special?