Bike Tour Levels

Learn all about our bike tour challenge levels here. To make the most of your travel time, you need to make sure to pick the right level of bike tour for your preference and cycling experience.

Regardless of your cycling prowess, from the greenest beginners to the most expert riders, we have the perfect bike tour for you.

Bike Tour Levels

Level 1 | Beginner

Pedalling: Typical Daily Distance: 15 – 35 miles / 24 – 56 kilometers | Maximum Daily Climb: Up to 1300 feet / 400 meters | Typical Time in Saddle: 2 - 3 Hours

Your stamina and skills: You stay fairly fit and are capable of handling small hills that don't stretch beyond half a mile. Cycling during your vacation appeals to you, but not every single day. Slight uphill rides are manageable for you, but predominantly, you prefer flat terrains. When you feel you've had your share of cycling, you're content to take a ride in the support van.

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Level 2 | Intermediate

Pedalling: Typical Daily Distance: 30 – 50 miles / 48 – 80 kilometers | Maximum Daily Climb: Up to 2,000 feet / 600 meters | Typical Time in Saddle: 3 - 4 Hours

Your stamina and skills: You cycle regularly, be it for staying fit, commuting to work, or merely for enjoyment. Leading an active life, you appreciate the occasional physical challenge.

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Level 3 | Advanced

Pedalling: Typical Daily Distance: 45 – 70 miles / 72 – 112 kilometers | Typical Daily Climb: Up to 7,000 feet / 2,130 meters | Typical Time in Saddle: 4 - 5 Hours

Your stamina and skills: Fitness plays a central role in your life. You're habitual of cycling weekly and are comfortable with rides extending 4 hours or more at a reasonably brisk pace. You enjoy all kinds of terrains, including hilly areas and some moderate mountain passes. Gaining some speed on moderate descents is something you find exhilarating.

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Level 4 | Expert

Pedalling: Typical Daily Distance: 60 – 110 miles / 96 – 177 kilometers | Typical Daily Climb: Up to 13,000 feet / 3,960 meters | Typical Time in Saddle: 5+ Hours

Your stamina and skills: On average, you cover 100 miles per week on your bike and love maintaining a quick pace for extended periods. You revel in training, enhancing your skills, and occasionally enjoy friendly races. You're up for any terrain, including hilly regions and challenging mountain passes. You find steep technical descents thrilling and never shy away from a challenge.

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Van Support and Ebikes

For riders who've opted for a more relaxed tour, you can opt for any route, safe in the knowledge the the support van is never far away, or you could take advantage of an electric-assisted ebike to give you a boost!

If your cycling preference leans toward a more arduous route, you can unleash your legs, our support van is still at your disposal to back you up, just in case.

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