All you need to know to enjoy your Cycling Centuries bike tour.

Our bike tours are founded on a sustainable triple bottom line philosophy. This entails a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, alongside the assurance of equitable profits for our suppliers, team members, and ourselves.

Pre-Tour Checklist


The daily itineraries provide insights into the diverse terrains, picturesque landscapes, daily distances, points of interest, and lodging options you'll experience during a particular tour.

It's worth noting that all our tours promise exceptional cycling, breathtaking scenery, and an abundance of historic charm.

To secure your preferred tour, we strongly advise making your reservation well in advance. For those planning ahead, our departure dates tend to remain consistent year after year.


  • Congratulate yourself on choosing a tour!
  • Complete the online booking form to reserve your spot.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit, you'll receive a link to access a comprehensive pre-tour packet containing detailed instructions for preparing for your upcoming journey.
  • Retrieve your passport and verify its validity for the intended travel dates. If you do not possess a passport yet, we strongly recommend applying for one at your earliest convenience.
  • Additionally, please make the necessary travel arrangements and consider the inclusion of travel insurance in your plans.


  • Complete your travel arrangements by reserving hotel accommodations separately from the tour.
  • Ensure you make your last payment 60 days prior to the tour's departure date.
  • Additionally, begin a fitness routine and dedicate some time in the saddle.


  • Please verify all reservations that are not part of the tour.
  • Prepare your packing list by consulting the recommendations in the emailed tour package.
  • Your finalized tour package will be sent to your email one month before the tour commences.

Getting Yourself Ready


  • While our cycling vacations offer a relaxed pace with the convenience of a support van, they are best enjoyed from the saddle. To fully appreciate these tours, it's essential to be comfortable with covering the daily mileage, which typically ranges from 25 to 40 miles. Most guests spend approximately 4 to 6 hours "on the road," including several stops along the way.
  • Instead of using words like "breathtaking" to describe our tours, we'll be straightforward and mention that the terrain is hilly. However, it's worth noting that most routes don't feature long, steep grades, making the cycling experience quite comfortable. Any particularly challenging days will be clearly outlined in the itinerary. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that the support van driver always appreciates some company!
  • The roads you'll traverse are generally in good condition, although you might encounter a few that are slightly rougher and more patched than what you're used to at home. Some parts of your tour may even include gravel roads. It's important to be aware that many village centers still boast charming cobblestone streets, but that charm does come with its own unique experience.

Pulling Together the Paperwork


  • A valid U.S. Passport with at least 6 months of validity is required for all U. S. citizens. Visas are not required.
  • If you travel on a passport other than U. S., it is your responsibility to check with the appropriate consulates and obtain the necessary visas.


  • It is strongly recommended that all guests consider obtaining travel insurance that includes coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, and emergency medical assistance or evacuation. It's essential to check with your existing medical insurance provider to confirm whether they offer coverage for international travel.


  • You will receive the comprehensive tour documents via email 30 days before the trip. These documents will include a detailed daily itinerary and a shortcut code for the Routzz app to assist with navigation.


Included with the tour is one of one of our conventioal bikes...

  • Our bicycle selection features premium road, gravel, light touring, and touring bikes, each boasting lightweight aluminum frames and high-performance Shimano transmissions. Additionally, we offer e-bikes for an extra fee.
  • Select from a variety of frame sizes to guarantee the ideal fit for your comfort. Each bicycle is equipped with integrated water bottle holders and rear support racks. To elevate your cycling adventure, we include a complimentary water bottle for you to keep, along with a hand pump, tire levers, and a spare tube, should you encounter an unforeseen flat tire.
  • If you will be using one of our bikes, please remember to provide your height and inseam measurements in the space provided on the booking form.

If You Want to Bring Your Own Bicycle...

  • If you decide to bring your own bicycle, ensure it's in excellent mechanical shape. If you're not proficient in bike maintenance, we recommend taking it to your nearby bike shop for a comprehensive inspection before the journey. Additionally, be sure to acquire any repair or emergency parts suggested by the shop. Our on-site mechanic will be available to assist with daily upkeep and minor fixes.


  • We kindly request that you bring your own helmet, though we do have helmets available upon request. We prioritize safety and strongly advise wearing helmets at all times while riding to promote responsible riding practices.
  • It is highly recommended to wear gloves during your ride.
  • Additionally, you may want to consider bringing the following items: saddle, pedals, gel seat covers, a front light, and cycling shoes.
  • For comfortable attire, especially padded chamois, cycling apparel is highly recommended for most riders. Be sure to dress in layers so you can easily adjust to changing weather conditions. It's a good idea to include a poncho or rain gear in your gear for those occasional rainy days.
  • Plan on layers you can don or doff as the weather changes. A poncho or gain gear should be included for the occasional rainy day.


Mastercard and ATM cards are the most reliable payment methods during your tour.

American Express is not as universally accepted, and travelers' checks are less convenient. It's also recommended to obtain PIN numbers for your credit cards and ATM cards if you don't already have them, as this allows for seamless access to cash through ATMs.

It's worth noting that the typical daily cash withdrawal limit in most European countries is €200.

What to Expect On the Road


  • Breakfast typically takes place at approximately 8:00 AM, and shortly after breakfast, most members of the group gather their bikes. Each morning, following breakfast, our guides conduct an informal briefing to discuss the day's planned route, noteworthy points of interest, meal arrangements, and the schedule for our support van.
  • Approximately an hour after our cyclists set off, our support van departs from the hotel. While en route to our evening accommodations, it makes regular contact with the cyclists. Upon reaching the lodging, the van assists in the check-in process and ensures everyone's luggage is safely deposited in their respective rooms. Afterward, the van retraces its path to pick up any riders in need of assistance, while also offering provisions such as snacks and picnic supplies.
  • When lunch is included in our itinerary, it can take the form of a picnic, an informal café stop, or a pre-arranged restaurant meal.
  • Additionally, one of our cycling guides rides at the rear of the group, serving as a sweep to provide assistance as needed.


  • The typical tour groups consist of 8 to 10 guests, with a maximum limit of 18 participants. These groups are generally well-balanced, comprising both couples and solo travelers. The age range of participants spans from the late twenties to the mid-sixties, with a mix of younger and older individuals.
  • Tour participants often form smaller subgroups based on shared interests, such as those who enjoy visiting markets, photography enthusiasts, museum aficionados, and avid cyclists. Additionally, there are longer routes available for those who are more energetic and willing to explore, without strict consideration of the terrain.



  • Our tours provide a diverse range of regional lodging options, including Portuguese pousadas, Spanish paradors, private manor houses, upscale hotels, historic inns, and castles. Additionally, we offer charming country inns, rustic mountain lodges, and small family-owned hotels. Our selection process prioritizes creating the best possible experience by carefully considering factors such as the landscape, surroundings, lodging quality, and local cultural immersion.
  • While our 5-star accommodations are truly impressive, even our more modest options guarantee comfort, warm hospitality, and an unforgettable stay.


  • If you're traveling solo, you have the option to request a roommate and enjoy the double occupancy rate. However, if you prefer a private room, a single supplement will apply. Please note that single occupancy accommodations may not be available for all nights on every tour.


  • Europeans have a strong commitment to savoring delicious meals. Whether they're dining at a renowned restaurant or a cozy local eatery, the emphasis is always on well-prepared dishes presented with pride. You'll frequently encounter an array of fresh regional specialties.
  • While daily breakfasts traditionally followed the continental style, many of the hotels we select now offer lavish buffet breakfasts. In cases where only continental options are available, we enhance the selection with cereal and fresh fruit.
  • Roughly 75% of the tour week consists of evening meals accompanied by complimentary wine, promising a delightful dining experience.
  • On free evenings you have the opportunity to choose your dining destination, we will provide you with restaurant recommendations. Naturally, this is also an excellent opportunity to venture out and explore culinary delights independently.
  • In addition to the evening meals, some tours may also feature one or two picnic experiences as part of the package.



  • Plan on arriving at the designated hotel pickup point by 10:00am the day the tour begins. (If this varies at all you will be advised upon booking.)
  • On the last morning, we will provide one group airport transfer.


  • As many guests arrive early or stay on after a tour, we will be glad to reserve a reasonably priced hotel room for you, normally at the hotel where the tour will meet.


  • If you must arrive late or leave early, we frequently make a pro-rated rate available. You must stay at least 75% of the nights, transport is on your own and there is a €100 surcharge.


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