Over the last 30 years we have shared our love of bicycle travel and unique bike tour experiences with many hundreds of happy bicycle travelers.

Cycling Centuries bike tours tours offer you maximum ride time on meticulously researched routes, with exceptional personal service & genuine cultural immersion using our outstanding local guides. Experience exciting bike tours in Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia, Albania and Morocco.

From millennial cork forests to azure coastlines, desert tracks to mountain passes, through lost villages and ancient vineyards, we go out of our way to offer you an experience like travelling with a group of good friends.

Exceptional Bike Travel. Imagine the memories you'll bring home!

Cycling Since 1986

Cycling Centuries began as a far-fetched suggestion in 1986 when few companies were in the field of cycle touring.

My mother, Maggie Deffense, took that suggestion and ran with it, creating Cycling Through The Centuries, a unique and specialized company offering small group, culturally in-depth cycling trips off-the-beaten tourist path.

In the Begining

Why CTTC Bike Tours?

Learn all about the CTTC difference and why we have some of the most loyal clients in the bike touring business!