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All countries are different, Spain is a little more so!

Romantic, colorful, exciting Spain - with its convoluted history of Moorish and Christian civilizations, brilliant artists, bullfights, saints and miracles – who isn't drawn to this breathtaking country of 3,000 castles?

The geography is as varied and dramatic as its history and gastronomy – remote forested northern Spain contrasts starkly with the open plains and immense olive groves of the south. The stunning Pyrenees loom over the brilliant turquoise Mediterranean, fringed by the pine-clad Costa Brava.

The Spaniards are an exciting, energetic and sociable people – there's always a fiesta somewhere! They seem to live life more intensely than anywhere else and cram more into their 24 hours. This is visible in their remarkable artists from Velasquez to Picasso, their brilliant writers like Cervantes and Garcia Lorca, and their incomparable architecture from León's soaring cathedral to the breath-taking Alhambra in Granada.

Spain is truly a country of superlatives – way too much to try and squeeze in one paragraph. You'll just have to see for yourself. Beware, though, Spain is addictive!

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