CTTC Bike Tours: A Lookback on 2023

CTTC Bike Tours: A Lookback on 2023

As we pedal into the new year, it's the perfect time to look back at the adventures we've had with CTTC Bike Tours in 2023.

This year was truly exceptional, marked by the introduction of our new Slovenia tour and significant updates to our Croatia, Algarve, and Andalucia tours. Each journey brought unique experiences and unforgettable memories.

Slovenia Bike Tour: A New Adventure

Our new Slovenia bike tour will be a major highlight for 2024 when we launch. We ran our first tour this year for a group of very close friends. They explored the enchanting landscapes of this true European gem, from the majestic Julian Alps to the serene shores of Lake Bled.

Three cyclists on a graded gravel road on a bike tour in Slovenia

The mix of challenging climbs and scenic routes made it an exhilarating experience for all. The spectacular scenery, rich culture, delightful cuisine & surprisingly good wines, and warm hospitality of the Slovenian people all contributed to making this tour an absolute masterpiece!

Croatia Bike and Boat Tour: An Updated Classic

The Croatia southern islands bike and boat tour received a fantastic update this year. We added new routes that showcased the stunning Dalmatian coast and its array of islands.

Cycling along the harbour in Croatia

Our guests enjoyed a perfect blend of cycling and sailing, exploring ancient towns, lush vineyards, and warm, crystal-clear waters. The evenings were spent on the deck, watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea - a truly magical experience.

Algarve Bike Tour: Perfect for Out-of-Season Cycling

Our Algarve bike tour in southern Portugal has been updated for those seeking a cycling adventure during the cooler months.

Traditional tiled house in the Algarve

While Portugal is making the headlines as a stellar destination in its own right, the Algarve tour features spectacular coastal scenery, quaint fishing villages, and smooth, winding roads.

The mild climate of the Algarve made it an ideal out-of-season cycling destination. The tour was not just about cycling; it also offered a taste of the rich Portuguese culture and delicious seafood.

Andalucia Bike Tour: Updated and Unforgettable

The Andalucia bike tour in Spain saw significant updates this year. We introduced refreshed routes that highlight the dramatic landscapes of Southern Spain, following the 19th century footsteps of Washington Irving's journey from Seville to Granada.

Hilltop view looking down on an Andalucian pueblo blanco

The tour was a perfect mix of cultural exploration and cycling challenge, with opportunities to experience the vibrant Spanish fiestas and relish the local cuisine.

Looking forward to 2024!

Each of these tours brought something special to our 2023 lineup. The combination of scenic beauty, cultural immersion, and the joy of cycling made each of these bike tours a memorable adventure.

We're excited for what the future holds and can't wait to share more cycling journeys with you in 2024!

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