5 Things You'll Love about Morocco

5 Things You'll Love about Morocco

I was locked in the bathroom. I pushed and shoved but the door wouldn't budge. The only window was a tiny skylight. I was stuck in a bathroom at a remote gas station on a dusty mountain pass in the middle of Morocco.

I heard male voices outside and they started pushing on the door, mild panic set in, I thought this is the moment I'm kidnapped and bundled into a carpet.

Finally the door burst open and several men fell over each other in a pile at my feet. They were smiling and obviously very concerned from my well being, I thanked them profusely and steeped into the fresh air.

I felt embarrassed and foolish to have felt threatened when throughout my first visit to this extraordinary country we had received nothing but the warmest hospitality, kindness and above par service in every way.

Morocco constantly surprised me and always for the better. Shallow preconceptions and stereotypes were crushed and that's why travel is so important.

Below are 5 reasons you'll love Morocco but if you join us on our Morocco bike tour and you'll find the list could be infinite. The Kingdom of Morocco is large and mysterious enough that it draws you back again and again and of course it's always best traveled on the seat of a bicycle.

The unique ambiance of Marrakesh

One of the most thriving market towns in the world. It's retained its aura of African exoticism with guaranteed dry heat, the heady atmosphere of its souk, its celebrated monuments and the nearby High Atlas all offer a universal appeal. It is a fascinating city but like all things in Morocco it's best to take things slowly and not rush through it's precious monuments.

The beauty of the snow capped Atlas Mountains 

Rising immediately south of Marrakesh are the highest and most dramatic range of mountains in north Africa. This jagged horizon of ethereal blue peaks draws you in through lush valleys, mountain villages, kasbahs and a string of Berber souks where the economy of the plains meet that of the High Atlas.

Experience Morocco’s exceptional hospitality 

From the singular riads to the magnificent Kasbahs. One of the greatest joys of travelling through Morocco is the sheer variety of accommodation where you are always received with the warmest welcome. You can spend one night at the top of the Atlas in a remote kasbah gazing at the stars and the next in a luxurious oriental dream.

The spices of life from one of the most flavorful of world cuisines

Morocco has a varied and distinctive national cuisine from the simple to the very sophisticated - and very nicely complimented by excellent Moroccan Wines! One of the most striking features of Moroccan cooking is the quality & freshness of the ingredients.

Wandering the souks you see the pyramids of fruit, vegetables and nuts so fresh and pure they seem like a new species. The produce comes from the land without pesticides, chemicals, hormones or preservatives.

Explore the maze like medina’s and haggle your way 

From medieval crafts to the latest tech or why not trade your iPhone for a museum piece? Something that I came very close to doing on my last trip had we managed to unblock my phone.

Arab cities were designed with the souk or market at the center of the community. Islam has none of the Christian anxiety about mixing trade and worship.

The streets around a grand mosque are usually the busiest and the richest. The outer walls of mosques are commonly obscured by workshops and stalls where rent helps pay for the upkeep of the building.

Just 5 points on what could be an endless list. Pick your favorite and find out if Morocco is your undiscovered paradise with Cycling Centuries Bike Tours.

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