Desert Vines & Divine Wines: Your Pocket Guide to Moroccan Wine

Desert Vines & Divine Wines: Your Pocket Guide to Moroccan Wine

Fancy a trip down Moroccan wine lanes? First things first: forget camels and think corks. While Morocco might be famed for its bazaars and beaches, it's got some vino variety that would make any sommelier swoon.

Regions & Appellations

Middle Atlas - Benslimane & Boulaouane

Fancy wine regions with names you'll twist your tongue around. Think of it as Morocco's hidden wine gems. These are the champs when it comes to sparkling wines.

High Atlas - Essaouira & Marrakech

Sipping a glass from here? You're literally tasting the Atlas Mountains. And yes, it's cooler than it sounds.

Noteworthy Estates

Domaine des Ouled Thaleb: One of Morocco's oldest, and arguably, most charming wineries. If Moroccan wine had royalty, this would be the king.

Domaine Val d’Argan: A little French, a little Moroccan, this estate is like that chic friend who’s traveled the world and picked up the best bits.

Grape Varieties

Carignan & Cinsault

Think of them as the dynamic duo of Moroccan wine. One's rich and fruity, and the other's light and breezy - a perfect balance, like beach days followed by desert nights.

Grenache Noir & Syrah

These international celebrities have made Morocco their home and are living their best sun-soaked life. Deep, flavorful, and robust - Moroccan summer in a glass.


If Moroccan wines were a mystery novel, Faridah would be the intriguing protagonist. Rare, unique, and oh-so-Moroccan.


Lamb Tagine: Bring out the Syrah! The rich spices from the tagine harmonize with the deep notes of the wine.
Grilled Sardines: A crisp white, perhaps from Benslimane, will seal the deal. It’s a match made in Moroccan heaven.
Moroccan Salads: Go with a light Cinsault. Fresh greens meet fresh grapes. Perfection!


Moroccan wines are the unsung heroes of the wine world. Rich histories, varied terrains, and a flavor profile that's as diverse as the Moroccan landscape itself. Next grocery trip, why not trade your usual bottle for a Moroccan masterpiece? Your future self will send gratitude!

Cheers! 🍷

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