Who we are

Cycling Centuries began as a far-fetched suggestion in 1986 when few companies were in the field of cycle touring. My mother, Maggie Deffense, took that suggestion and ran with it, creating Cycling Through The Centuries, a unique and specialized company offering in-depth cycling trips off-the-beaten tourist paths throughout the Iberian Peninsula and France.

In 2006, one time grease monkey and full time biker Martin Thompson joined the crew. With his mixed European heritage, Portuguese roots and a love of fine cycles & fine dining, Cycling Centuries moved towards its goal of offering the best bicycle touring experience available.

We started with tours in northern Portugal’s wine country and from there branched out to the rest of Portugal and into neighboring Spain and southern France. Over the last 18 years we have shared our love of these countries with hundreds of other cyclists.

Our in-depth knowledge of the locations, the people and their customs provides a unique cultural backdrop to all our tours. We consistently find the best places to eat and rest after an exhilarating day on the bike, so that every event is a memorable one. 

Cycling Centuries prides itself in being the foremost expert in Iberian bike touring - We look forward to cycling through the centuries with you - Imagine the memories you’ll bring home…