Biking at its best, in our client's own words

Read the testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers about their Cycling Centuries Bike Tour experience! The bike tour vacation reviews listed below have all come from our very own past guests and we have many more past cyclists that would be glad to tell you about their bike tour adventures with us by email or by telephone. Just get in touch with us and we will put you in touch with someone you can call or email and let them tell you about the particular trip that they were on.

“A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke.”

Scott Stoll

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your support on this amazing trip! Our experience was incredible, thanks to all the effort provided by Cycling through the Centuries. We so enjoyed the dinners out, copious amounts of wine and all the cycling of course!"

Sally, Craig, Jason & Ryan, USA

"Greetings from North Carolina. We had the most wonderful time and thank you for being such great hosts. We love and adore Portugal !!"

Judy and Karl Baumann, NC, USA

"Barb and I very much enjoyed making a connection with you and Martin. It provided a welcome glimpse inside Portugal that we would not otherwise have had..."

Spencer & Barbara Knapp, Vemont, USA

"We have just experienced the trip of a lifetime – what a fantastic way to explore a country and to appreciate its beauty, people, food and wine. We were made to feel very welcome, stayed in amazing accommodation, had the best wines and a lot of laughs. Catherine and Ben went out of their way to make us feel special and nothing was ever too much trouble. This was a trip to remember and one to tell everyone about. We now have wonderful memories to share with our family and friends."

Greg and Shirley Robertson, Melbourne Australia

"It was a wonderful trip and I've been giving mini presentations to friends ever since I returned. I plan to do another one with you cycling-centuries, next year. "

Patricia Neils, Hawaii, USA

"A Bicycling Tale Oh hear the tale of a bicycling trip Begun in the late summer time. Pedalling Portugal’s blue coastal roads Tasting the local wine. Martin and Catherine chalk out our way Through Azeitão to Lagos each day. Pastries and peixe and Port are de-lish Piri-piri, prawns, pão and tune pâté. Fishermen, farmers, artisans we meet Weddings and funerals honk down the street. Green melons, tomatoes, bread and soup. The day on sandy roads was favourite of the group. Vistas of cliffs and turquoise seas Surfer widows, castles, lighthouse and beach Pottery from Cercal, a town by Milfontes we stop Headwinds and uphills but no tires pop. We missed Sr. Manuels windmill and the dolphins at Sado But storks at Comporta are fantastic – bravo! Bell wearing goats and plentiful cake All the Portuguese men wear cute little hats. Eucalyptus and rosemary, pine and manure Fish and salt water we smell on our tour. So life without friends is to live not at all Thanks to Catherine and Martin we love Portugal! "

Karen Hill & Virginia Snodgrass, Texas, Usa

"Jim and I just returned from Portugal and I wanted to let you know again how much our whole group enjoyed the trip. Eric was so incredibly helpful as was Martin and the accommodations and restaurants were fantastic. Wanted to let you know that we are enthusiastically recommending your company to other friends who missed this trip. Thanks again! "

Nancy & Jim Welsh, CO, USA

"YOU ARE THE GREATEST BIKING TEAM IN THE WORLD! ... I just want to thank you for such a well planned trip. We all had such a good time and Eric and Martin were the best guides in the whole world! The food was fabulous and the route was great."

Michael & Leslie LaVerghetta, Durango CO, USA

"You have done it again. The Camino trip was most challenging at the same time very "relaxing"... You and Maggie made the evenings so much fun. CTTC really has a knack. "

Elaine Li, VA, Canada

"Thank you for a fantastic holiday!"

Johan Ver Loren Van Themaat, Pretoria, South Africa

"Just a short note to thank you, your company and Eric for a wonderful experience. We enjoyed it very much and developed a “love” for the country... "

Judex Oberholzer, Pretoria, South Africa

"We enjoyed the tour very much! Thanks for your organization it was very professional from beginning to end. It was an outstanding holiday…Should you need a reference at any stage, you are most welcome to use my name. Muito obrigado!"

 Vivian Gericke, Pretoria, South Africa

"I would like to convey how much I enjoyed my experience with the Castles and Cork Trees tour. Both Al and I were in desperate need of escape and, as it turned out, Portugal was the perfect place. However, it would not have been nearly as therapeutic without the extensive knowledge of Portuguese culture and landmarks, enthusiasm and endless humor of Martin and Eric. The smile on my face lingers."

JoAnn Hecker, PA, U.S.A

"Just a quick note to let you know we made it back safely and had a wonderful experience in Portugal. Catherine and Martin were superb and we had a delightful time with them. Each place we stayed was unique and charming, the food and wine outstanding and the sights and experiences memorable. This confirms, once again, the value of the services like yours. We would never have found many of these places on our own. We hope to return someday and explore places in a little more detail. Thank you very much for setting up a great trip. I could highly recommend it to anyone."

Mary, David & Zach Reardon, Fort Myers, FL, USA

"We just wanted to express our deepest gratitude for giving us the time of our lives. You guys went above and beyond the normal guide duties to provide a good inside look at your country and it's people. We now consider you as friends, not just a great cycling tour company..."

Tom & Rosemary Blainey, , Toronto, Canada

"We have so enjoyed our time with you travelling. thank you for making our trip so special. Gracias! You have been a wonderful host on our tour de España y Portugal. Thank you for the wonderful memories! "

Stacie & Kris, WA, USA

"Catherine, You made our holiday! Thank you for all the sweet memories we take home of Portugal & Spain (especially those marvelous wine selections)... You made our adventure terrific and we loved your country."

Bob & Geri Craves, Seattle, WA, USA

"Thank you for a great adventure! We didn't know what to expect in Albania but really enjoyed it and appreciate all you did to make it possible and fun! "

Susan Hill and Dick Wishner, CA, USA

"Thank you for all your hard work & skill in making this a memorable trip... We enjoyed your sense of humor... Your wine selections were very much appreciated! Come visit us..."

Nils & Yvonne Sandell, Boston, MA, USA

"Thank you so much for making my first cycling trip such an enjoyable one. Your impeccable organization with the hotels and restaurants ensured that everything went smoothly. I felt totally spoilt... The food was always irresistible and the scenery spectacular. Martin is a superb guide. He was always patient,encouraging and flexible, making sure that I was safe... He varied the ride so that it was interesting and challenging for me - particularly the last day. I look forward to many future trips with you and I hope Catherine can join us next time."

Elaine Li, VA, Canada

"Many thanks to you and Martin for organising a great holiday for us. ...the bikes were great and the route was very well researched. ...So many of the towns had processions, so we were kept busy following them around. All quite spectacular! certainly know how to look after cyclists. If we ever get over that way again, we will do another tour with you."

Wendy & Neil Auste, NSW, Australia

"...words cannot describe how CTTC fulfilled, and exceeded, our hopes. With both Cat and Martin joining us on the trip, we felt well cared for and in safe hands. The cycling equipment is the best I have encountered on guided trips... I was very impressed with the accommodations... Your dinner choices were all strong, and some were outstanding. I think that Cordoba and Granada’s dining experiences were unforgettable."

Peter F Conway, OH, USA Peter F Conway, OH, USA

"I can't say enough about how good a trip we had and it gave us great inspiration to make the DVD. I wanted to send one to Gordon and Maggie to show them what an excellent job you did. We can't stop talking about the trip you took us on, it left us with great memories that we hope to re-create at some point."

Tom & Rosemary Blainey, Toronto, Canada

"Many thanks for your care and sensitivities to us on this wonderful exploration of Portugal - We will always remember this trip and your constant kind ways..."

Daniel and Lauren Llacerda, Palm Beach, FL

"We had a fantastic trip again with you. The memories, the ambiance and the friendship is fantastic. We would certainly be interested in a Morocco cycling trip and can wait to get a full scoop and see some of the pictures..."

Mike & Kathy Murgas, Dallas, TX

"Aside from the spectacular riding, the highlight of the trip was riding along the dirt road on the coast and that last GREAT meal in Lagos! After such a great trip, I didn't want to go home. It was a blast and I hope to see each of you in the future!"

John P. Brooks, Dallas, TX

"You are wonderful and we are very happy to hear you will continue to show other visitors the terrific times we had!"

Mike Murgas, Texas

"Anthony and I had a wonderful trip along the Camino. Ben was great to us and made the trip safe, fun and wonderful. Thank you, we had a very nice trip and will have the memories forever! "

Theres Gautille, CA, USA

"That was a wild week and really the best vacation I think we ever had. Will recommend you to all our riding friends and look forward to joining you soon on another great trip like this! "

osh Bordon, California, USA

"Of all my experiences I cannot remember enjoying myself as well as the last week with you three. A true highlight of my life of which I will not forget "

Cevin Wyatt, Dallas, TX

"That was the best time I have ever had in my life! Thank you so much..."

Linda Danis Plano, TX

"You, Martin and George were the perfect hosts! I don?t think that we would have enjoyed the rest of the trip as much or learned as much about the country if we hadn?t spent that time with you. THANKS!"

Pat & Rita Clark AL, Canada

"You are definitely my favorite travel agent/guide. Just let me know anytime you need an extra person to fill out one of your tours, I'm there!"

Tom Blossom, Dallas TX

"I went on the Andalusia and the Coasting to the Algarve trips. The Andalusia was one of the best trips of my life. I was happy the whole time. The cities, the country and the towns each held something special. Maggie was very attentive and generous to everyone, and provided sites and restaurants well beyond what the trip description called for. She never stopped working for us! Biking to the Algarve was fun. The country and the towns are beautiful, the grilled fish is wonderful, and Maggie arranged hotels and meals so wonderful that only her personal friendship with the providers could have accomplished it."

Bob Hausman, Washington, DC

"We were on the Portugal, Algarve trip last September and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have no trouble recommending your company. Have been with Backroads, VBT, Europeds, EasyRider, and others and you are the best!"

Warren Arnold, CA

"My wife and I joined a CTTC bicycle tour of northern Spain organized and led by Maggie Deffense. She did both essential jobs extremely well. However, we expect that of any competent tour outfit. But we got more: Maggie's friendly, out-going personality, which made us feel like we really "belonged", that we were part of her gang of adventurers. We felt her warmth at the dinner table or "on the road", a quality that made our tour all the more memorable and leaving us with the desire for more?"

Ted Hamaan, Cambridge, MA

"Will and I did the Portugal - Lisbon to Algarve - ride ... and it was a delight. Yes, we'd be glad to talk to anyone who wanted more info and I'll answer any question or just heartily recommend the trip! Will is an avid bicyclist and I am a more casual biker and this trip was great for us both. Of course, the castle was a definite hi-light but we brought home many wonderful stories to tell."

Linda & Will Deboer, USA