National Geographic thinks Portugal's Alentejo is a "must visit". We agree.

National Geographic thinks Portugal's Alentejo is a "must visit". We agree.

If there is a travel destination that ticks all the boxes, the Alentejo in southern Portugal is it.

Easy, that's the Alentejo. Slow down and smell the wildflowers, stop and listen to the quiet; bells from the sheep in a distant field, the first cuckoo, the chirping cicadas. Feel the warmth of the sun warming your body as it settles in the sky.

Time works at a very different pace in the Alentejo and that's the pleasure of this region just under the heart of Portugal. No need to check phones or watches just follow the sun to your next destination.

For this and many more reasons, National Geographic choose the wonderful Alentejo as a "must see" destination.

In an article in National Geographic from 2018, Anne Farrar describes her experience of the Alentejo:

"I roll from hill to hill through the Alentejo region, a landscape soft on the eyes and the senses. Sunlight slices through the cork trees. A white bull, sleeping in a field, seems like a ghostly apparition. Pigs shuffle from one acorn (bellota) to another, foraging for the nutty flavor that gives Iberian ham its richness. Castles and churches dot the hilltops; they are relics from the past, yet they retain a power in the present."
A man cycling in the Alentejo, Portugal
Experience this delightful destination on Portugal's Blue Coast following the wild Atlantic along the Alentejo's Rota Vicentina into the Algarve. Sweeping ocean views, rugged headlands, endless beaches and the freshest catch with a cool glass of white wine to finish the day.
Alentejo chapel against the blue sky in southern Portugal
Or follow us into the interior of the Alentejo on our Alentejo bike tour with it's magnificent fields of wild flowers and aromatic herbs, incredible towns made of marble, and the fantastic white washed walled villages looking out over the river Guadiana to Spain.
At the end of the day every meal is a delight with fresh, organic ingredients flavored with all the wonderful herbs from the days ride.

No doubt the Alentejo is a must see destination. Either bike tour is available as a fully supported guided trip or a private or tailor-made guided trip.
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